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Who's Frankie Black Obsidian "Power Bracelet"

Who's Frankie Black Obsidian "Power Bracelet"

Артикул: PBWF113

Wear your power with this stunning authentic healing stone "Power Bracelet"!

Embedded with the highest pure vibrational energy possible to provide optimal healing for its wearer. Time to create/continue the life you always wanted with this gem. 




Black Obsidian Healing Properties:




Black Obsidian is a powerful cleanser. It is a strong psychic protection stone, with powerful metaphysical properties, shielding you against negativity. The energy of these stones may stimulate the gift of prophecy and boost precognition. An excellent crystal to use when doing spiritual or healing work, as it connects you to Mother Earth.

В наличии всего: 3 шт.
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